Morning Star

Once there were two sisters. The young one was a good girl but the older one was a bad girl. Because she was so bad, the older sister just couldn’t find a good husband.

She was so bad that Makunaima had to come down and intervene.

He came down disguising himself as an old man. As the sisters were coming home from the farm, they met the old man on the road. And because he was old, the kindhearted sister decided to invite him home. Not the older sister, she didn’t want to see an old man.

When they arrived home, the younger sister introduced the old man to the family and gave him some food; meanwhile the older sister was annoyed that her sister brought this old man in the house.

Why don’t you chase him out?” said the older sister.

He is old and I respect old people,” replied the young one.

Sitting in the corner, Makunaima was listening. And it so happened that the old man pretended to fall in love with the two sisters. The custom was that he could only marry the older sister before the younger one.

The parents agreed to their union, seeing that he was a traveler and a kind person. They got married and started to live together but the old man never really talked. He always remained quiet in the corner. So his wife took advantage of him and started calling him names and talking bad things about his age. Day after day, the younger sister would watch the old man going to cut his cassava farm, and she would feel sorry for him. So she tried to prepare kasiri, pepper pot and tuma for when he would come home.

Meanwhile, the older sister would always be grumpy and complaining.

This continued for some time until one day the younger sister decided to follow him to the farm to see what the old man was really doing. When she arrived to the farm, at midday, she did not see an old man but instead there was a handsome young man. The girl hastily ran home.

She told her older sister about what she had seen, but she did not believe her. As time passed and the farm neared completion, time came when the old man decided he could not stay anymore, as he could not bear to see that his wife did not love him.

And so he told his sister-in-law “I cannot stay with your sister any more, she doesn’t love me and I have to go, but you’ve been very kind to me and instead of your sister I love you very much. It’s just that your older sister is married to me.

But make a wish and I will probably leave something for you, so that you’ll always remember me when I gone, and your sister too,” he continued.

So that night after drinking their kasiri, the old man left. On his way out the door he said “you must look for me in the morning. I’m no ordinary man. I’m Makunaima himself.”

So the younger sister went out of the house at five o’clock in the morning and she saw this beautiful star in the sky and she transformed into an even more beautiful woman, into a princess.

That same morning, when she returned inside the house and looked at her older sister, she saw a ninety years old lady. All her skin was old and wrinkly with frizzy grey hair. She was now no good anymore as a wife.

Author: Abi