How Monkey Became the Weeping Capuchin

This story was written by Abigail, with the help of her daughter Shania.

One day, Jack the monkey asked the King to marry one of his daughters.

The King told him: “if you want my daughter, you have to catch the biggest caiman and then you will marry her.”

So Jack went to try his luck and found a big caiman floating on the river.

“Hey, what you want?” the caiman asked.

“I want a partner like you”, said Jack.

“A partner like me?” wondered the caiman.

“Yes, I want you and me sleeping together”, responded Jack.

The caiman and Jack now went on the land to sleep.

“I can’t sleep just like that you know. I need a piece of wood as a pillow for my head” said Jack. And he went to search for a piece of wood.

After the caiman fell asleep, Jack took the piece of wood and knocked the caiman on his head. But he missed and the caiman woke up in shock, asking “what you doing, man?”

“That wasn’t me”, responded Jack, “a tree fell in the middle of the night. Look, it nearly hit me too”.

“If it had caught my dead spot I would have been dead”, shouted the caiman angrily.

“So where’s your dead spot?” asked Jack cleverly.

Right behind here” and the caiman pointed at a spot on the side behind his eyes.

“Ah!” thought Jack excitedly, discovering the caiman’s dead spot. And he gave one blow to the dead spot.

Jack had killed the caiman in his sleep; he tied his four feet up and carried him to proudly present it to the King. He said: “King! King?! I caught the biggest caiman, now I can marry your daughter!”

Jack was dancing up and down because he was so happy.

“Ok” said the King, “ but I want you to do more thing, catch for me the biggest kamudi” – tinki in makushi.

The next day jack carried a canister into the forest and put it underneath a tree. He climbed up the same tree and waited until a huge kamudi passed by.

“You want anything?” asked jack from the top.

“What I want? I want you” responded the snake.

“Me? No man, but I got a nice canister for you there. You could go there. I want to give you something” jack told the kamudi.

“How am I going fit in that canister? He asked back.

“That going to fit you nice, you know. You just got to curl up” promised Jack convincingly. So the kamudi crawled inside, curled himself and his whole body disappeared into the canister.

Jack jumped off the tree and quickly closed the canister.

Then he ran to the King’s palace and shouted: “King! I caught a pet for you. I caught the biggest kamudi!”, he said.

“You lie!”, replied the King. “No, I am not lying, now I can get the girl”, responded Jack.

So the King’s workers went to collect the heavy snake. It really was the biggest kamudi they had ever seen.

And the King said “ok you can have my daughter”.

But when the King presented his daughter, she was so disappointed at the sight of Jack that she started crying. She said “oh no, not him please”. The monkey tried to convince her but with no luck; the girl didn’t want him. Screaming, she said that she did not want no monkey!

Seeing that he could not change her mind about him, the monkey disappeared, weeping.

That is why, until this day, we have the Weeping Capuchin monkey.