A Disobedient Girl – Part 1

Fishing can sometimes be a costly entreprise… After a month break Pantanî Blog comes back with Janissa’s second story.

There was a girl who lived among a big family. She was the only girl left in the hands of Grandmother. Fishing was her favourite activity. She spent most of her time doing it during the weekends and after school. She loved fishing.

One day the girl turned out to be a young lady on her most exciting month. She was weird and vexed of staying home. She stayed home until her menstruation was eased.

During the girl’s homestay her grandmother comforted her from worries and advised her. She was more enlightened about outside life and about things that would affect her in life if she failed to follow Grandmother’s beliefs. But she never believed in myths.

In a couple of days her menstruation ended. And without her grandmother knowing she happily tossed about and hopped out of the house with her fishing equipment while Grandmother was working in the kitchen garden. Grandmother stopped weeding and stood up to a calm yard. Since there weren’t any chats she went to check inside the house only to find her granddaughter was nowhere to be seen and her fishing bag was missing too. Grandma was in shock at that moment. But she didn’t have anything more to say since it was a breach to her belief.

Outside, happy young lady was fishing with her cousins in the shallow pond. While fishing she was cracking funny jokes with her cousins. All of them had fun pulling up different types of fine fish.

Suddenly, a boisterous noise was heard in the distance and instantly giggles and laughs were halted. They stood up to see what had made the noise and where it was coming from. All their necks went back and forth and side to side. It finally came into sight and it was a strong breeze rustling up from the calm surface of the water. It brushed around a huge tree, which was approximately 100 meters away… After terrorizing the tree the twirling breeze erupted harshly into the water and scattered the leaves behind. Then the young lady heard her cousins scream “OMA, OMA baiiiii!!!” It was stunning that she did not move her eyes off the beast coming towards them.

Within seconds, the beast approached them with a heap of water and with no sound. It calmed as it reached the boat bough. At that stage, she did not see any image of the beast but only the tiny waves. The girl pulled her head back and the fear hit her like a bully. She screamed around and scrambled her youngest cousin who was next to her. They all hopped of the boat and hustled through the razor grasses – sa’ra – heading for the land, which was about 70 meters away. They heard more loud noises rushing behind in the distance. As they heard the noise they felt weak and down but steady on their way through. The boat and the fishing materials were left scattered behind.

As they were almost on the land, they heard their worried grandmother calling from home and soundly ran towards her. The girl was looked after by her grandmother since she had been rude.

It was most stunning and unbelievable that the young lady and her cousins were saved.

Photo: Géraud de Ville